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investors need analysis

 Making SENSE of Financial Needs Analysis

Q1) What is the purpose of a Financial Needs Analysis?

You need proper financial planning more than ever before. It has become more difficult to maximise investment returns in these uncertain economic times. Faced with ever-changing legislation, globalisation, many more complex financial products/services to choose from, higher and new taxes and a lack of time.

It works as a Three-Legged Stool

Most people have different financial priorities during various stages of their lives. Regardless of your age or current life stage, you need a plan. A balanced financial plan is like a three-legged stool, remove one of the legs and the stool teeters unsteadily and may crash, taking you with it.

The most important aspects of financial planning can be placed into three broad categories, which are the three legs of your financial planning stool:

(1) Budgeting and Saving,
(2) Investing, and
(3) Retirement and Estate Planning.

What's required for a Financial Needs Analysis?


  • Your personal details.
  • Your current assets and liabilities.
  • Your income lee expenses to determine any available income with which to work.
  • Your financial needs that need to be addressed and the order of their importance.
    Factors such as emergency funds, life and disability insurance, retirement capital, short-term insurance, a Will and so on.
  • A schedule of current insurance policies and investments.
  • Your beneficiary nominations.
  • Realistic assumptions as to future inflation and interest rates.


Your analysis should present you with a strategy that indicates what will happen in an emergency, or on your death or suffering a life-changing event. It will show;


  • your survivors cash position on your death.
  • your income position should you be disabled or suffer a dread disease.
  • The most suitable products to immediately create the capital you will need to prevent any financial hardship in the event of any of the above happening.
  • Your projected income flow at retirement and how much capital you will need to achieve a comfortable retirement.
  • The most tax-efficient and rewarding products to grow your retirement capital.
  • The best strategy and products to reach your short-term savings goals.
  • Your risk profile in order to present the investment funds best suited to your profile.
Your financial plan will help you;
  • Assess your financial situation by helping you track your income and expenses, establish an emergency fund, and determine your net worth.
  • Save for major expenses like funding your child's education, buying a house or car, or developing a cash reserve for special occasions like weddings and holidays.
  • Plan for your retirement by estimating your retirement needs and expenses.
    Then you can begin to determine the amount you need to save to meet your retirement goals.
  • Assess your investment risk tolerance and develop an asset allocation strategy that best suits you.
  • Plan to reduce your taxes and develop a tax-efficient investment plan.
  • Protect you and your family against financial crisis should you become disabled or die.
  • Plan your estate to ensure your assets are distributed the way you want and provide for any estate expenses.
  • Give you a clear picture of where you are, a strategy about where you are going, and peace of mind about your future.

    It's never too early to start!

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investors need analysis