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Invest Mantra



Golden Rules



Mindless or reckless investing is hazardous to wealth;
Please become an investor... and not a trader or a gambler.

"Be fearful when others are greedy

and greedy when others are fearful."


Start early,

Choose wisely,

Save prudently,

Continue for long ...

Save prudently.....Invest even more wisely
•You need to invest, otherwise your savings will depreciate in value/purchasing power.
Mantras to Wise Investing
Mantra 1
Follow life-cycle investing
•You can afford to take greater risks when you are young.
•As you cross 50, you should consider gradually getting out of risk instruments.
•By 60, you may exit risk instruments. (To not lose your capital when you have stopped earning new money).

Mantra 2
Read carefully, and take informed decisions
•Do due diligence; take informed decisions.

Mantra 3
Invest only in fundamentally strong companies
•Invest only in companies with strong fundamentals; these are the ones that will withstand market pressures, and perform well in the long term.
•Strong stocks are also liquid stocks.
•Do not go for penny stocks; you may get lured as these rise by 5-10% a day against top stocks that rise 5-10% in a year; you will typically enter at peak and then make losses.
•Remember, equity investments cannot be sold back to the company/promoters.

Mantra 4
Invest in mutual funds, but select the right fund and scheme
•Mutual funds are a better vehicle for the small investors, most of whom have little skills or time to manage a personal portfolio.
•The problem is that there are too many mutual funds, and there are too many schemes. Spend time to select the right fund manager and the right scheme/s.
•And remember, mutual funds are subject not just to market risks, and that investing in these does not mean guaranteed returns.

Mantra 5
Beware of free advice
•Too many people in the capital market offer free advice; these come through TV, print media, websites, emails and SMS.
•Don’t act blindly on such advice; remember free advice carries no accountability.

Mantra 6
Don’t get taken in by advertisements
•Advertisements are to make you feel good.
•Don't get carried away by attractive headlines, appealing visuals/messages.
•Don’t get carried away by upward arrows, big percentages and deceptive numbers.

Mantra 7
Don't get overwhelmed by sectoral bull runs
•Remember, you can not buy the shares of the Indian economy or of India Inc. or of a sector... ultimately you have to buy into a specific company.
•Also, sectoral frenzies keep changing.
•All companies in a sector are not necessarily outstanding.
Each sector will have some very good companies, some reasonably good companies and many bad companies.
•Be also careful about companies that change their names to reflect current sectoral fancy.

Mantra 8
Look at the credentials of the entity/person
•Many scamsters are waiting to exploit your greed; targeting gullible small investors.
•Be careful about the entity seeking your money; visit before investing.

Mantra 9
Beware of guaranteed returns offers
•Be extra careful before investing in any offer which promises very high returns.
•Remember the plantation companies many of which promised phenomenal returns (in some cases, 50% on Day 1)!
•Let not greed make you an easy prey!

Mantra 10
Don’t borrow to invest
•Interest mounts by the day; returns don’t necessarily.
•Invest within your means.Mantra15Deal only with registered intermediaries
•There are many unregistered operators in the market who will lure you with promises of high returns, and then vanish with your money or they will mis-sell or they will undertake unauthorized transactions.
•Deal with registered intermediaries, it also allows recourse to regulatory action.

Mantra 11
Learn to sell
•Most investors buy and then just hold on (Regrettably, most advice by experts on the media is also to buy or hold, rarely to sell).
•Profit is profit only when it is in your bank (and not in your register or Excel sheet).
•Don’t be greedy. Leave some profits for the buyer too. Remember, you cannot maximize the market’s profits. •Set a profit target and sell, unless you have good reasons to hold on for very long term.

Invest Mantra