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Regular Investments Results In Easy Savings and Large Corpus Fund

Do Not Blindly Like Any Investment Tool Until You Understand It

From Entry To Exit.....

Is Your Money Getting Depretiated Annually @ 4 to 6% ?

Do You Enjoy Liquidity along with safety of investment ?

Does Your Investment Faces Higher Taxation on Maturity ?

Do You Think Your Money Deserve Growth @ 15+% ?

Is Your Return On Investment is less than inflation ?

If answers if YESS... then

As an investors you have easy to avail options to invest money on

daily, weekly and monthly basis

For instance, if you want to invest a total of Rs 60,000 in an mutual fund scheme this year, you can either do it by putting in a one time mode or through the SIP(systematic investment plan) route of Rs 5,000 every month for 12 months.

This amount can be invested on a predetermined day of every month like the fifth or the tenth day.
The benefits are as follows:
    Affordability: The minimum investment required has a new low. The investor can choose to invest just Rs 100 perday.
    Volatility: Captures daily market movement.
    Convenience: Since the investment is made as a systematic transfer plan (STP), only one form needs to be filled.

For economic growth our country needs large amount of funds that could be put to good use by setting up various infrastructure and production projects, which inturn benefit citizens in form of more job opportunities, better spending capacity of individuals, and more purchasing power of consumer. In short its a financial circulation cycle which starts with investor and ends at individuals.

At investDAILY we apply professional analysis approach of financial planning and suggest individual investor about various aspects of their life style stages and how to set and achieve their financials goals without making things complex.

Our strategy is simple, to make investing easy for all

We understand one basic thing, country needs investors no matter how small they are, and if they are good to invest (financialy fit), we help our client to participate in economic growth of country.

"Investing is an art but not rocket science"

We at investDAILY are dedicated to let everyone enjoy this art by making it smooth and simple

Investing your money in properly selected tools is a must as if money lying idle in your saving accounts is loosing its value fast, to know how, kindly meet and discuss with our advisors.



Why MUTUAL FUNDS are preferable risk bearing investment tool:

  1. Micro-investment options available.
  2. Professional Management by professional fund managers.
  3. Diversification : widely diversified asset allocation options available.
  4. Convenient Administration.
  5. Return Potential is more promising.
  6. Low Costs of transactions as strictly regulated.
  7. Liquidity benefits.
  8. Transparency benefits.
  9. Flexibility in form of exit options available.
  10. Large choice of schemes across all sectors of economy.
  11. Tax benefits on selected funds.
  12. Well regulated: very strong fundamental structure governed by well known industry regulator.
  13. Provides investment options for each age group with different risk appetite.
  14. Good Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) return even in bad economic time in long run.
  15. No hassel of holding ~ maintaining ~ securing physical assets like gold and real estate.
  16. Always good for country economic growth as money is not blocked in physical asset class like gold or real estate.
  17. Investment can avail benefit of rupee cost averaging and hence get benefoted in long run.
  18. Better that shares as investor does not face risk of bogus/fake companies against investment as an individual investor.
  19. As a part of GROUP of investors you get equal benefit of "bulk-buying" or " bulk-investing" also your interest are safe as governed and monitored by a strong market regulator like SEBI (har investor ki taaqat).